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Language Skills Essay

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Many people think that teaching English as a foreign language is easy. It is a rewarding career, but it’s not always easy. Adult learners can be especially difficult at times because you have an extra hurdle to overcome. Sometimes with adult students, you will find difficulty when breaking through the mother tongue in order to teach. At times like this, it is important to understand how we all acquired our mother tongue and the order that we acquired the four language skills in. A good EFL teacher will remember that the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking were acquired in a certain order when we were babies.

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During the first two years of life, babies spend a great deal of time listening to the sounds their parents make. The various sounds are used to form words, which, in time are used to form sentences and spoken language. We all listened to our parents and over time, began to mimic and reproduce the sounds until we were forming words. Our parents corrected our errors and soon we were able to form basic thoughts and sentences. Later, during our first years of elementary school, our teachers helped us to expand our vocabulary and we refined our ability to speak and listen. Being an EFL teacher is similar to being a parent and teacher together. Remember that beginner students are like babies and need to first learn how to produce the sounds before producing words. They learn how to produce words before they produce sentences. The learning process uses the listening skill followed by the speaking skill. Soon EFL students are able to communicate in the target language by speaking and listening.
Later, students begin reading and writing. They build on the skills they’ve acquired and learn what the sounds means on paper. All the time they are learning to read and write, they are expanding their vocabulary and increasing their fluency and knowledge of the language. This is similar to what we went through during can i pay someone to write my paper essaypa.
The difference is that EFL students will often need or want to learn at a much quicker pace. Certainly, many EFL learners will not want to spend 12-18 years studying the target language. For this reason, a good EFL teacher will understand the language skills and teach them in the order they were acquired when the student learned his/her mother tongue. The difference, however, is that an EFL teacher will often teach the four skills concurrently and much more quickly. The process will be a bit easier with learners who are dedicated to learning the language and who have strong motivations for doing so. Unfortunately, not all learners are like that and a good EFL teacher will be able to work around any hesitations and problems with the student in order to teach effectively. For assistance, advice and help in completing an assignment read about the best essay services by following the link –…ssay-of-any-type